Equi-theme sweet itch fly rug – brown


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Product Description

This brown Equi-theme sweet itch fly rug is made of 100% soft and tightly weaved polyester, and prevents the smallest of insects and midges from getting through to the horses skin and causing irritation, leaving the horse comfortable.  The fly rug is dense and absorbing, it wicks sweat away from the horse and dries very quickly, making the rug comfortable for horses to wear for long periods of time – rain or shine – perfect for those that live out all summer, whatever the weather brings.

It also offers great UV protection and prevents damage and also irritation in those horses that are photosensitive or need to reduce their exposure to dangerous UV rays due to pink skin.  The fly rug is close fitting to the body and fully protects the horse from the neck down to the tail. It is fully equipped with adjustable flaps at the base of the neck and adjustable elastic straps around the neck and the hind legs with PVC clips.

The belly of the horse is entirely covered with a wide removable flap. This belly flap is a separate strip that is added to the rug after the main part has been put on, for further great protection. The belly flap doubles the protection of the flanks too because it also covers them and is wrapped around the body and clipped at the top of the back.

The rug is completely elasticised and adjustable, making it snug and close fitting to your horses whole body. The position of the rug and the belly flap is secured and maintained clips around the body and through loops on the horses back and a Velcro and clip anchoring system on the girth straps, in between the legs interlocking the belly flap in place at the front of the rug so that it doesn’t ride back or remove any protection.

  • The rug is fully machine washable up to 30 degrees, in a normal washing machine

Additional Information

Rug sizes available

4’6″, 5’0″, 5’3″, 5’6″, 5’9″, 6’0″, 7’0″


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